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Year later. . . still never use LJ

No, I don't. Not at all. . . Umm yeeeeaaaaahhhh much love.

Epic fail

I never really use LJ. . . Yeah I win. . . Not

my life

 Ahhh sweet privacy. Oh wait this is public. While my latest work of fanfiction (a deliciuos slash involving a cast of very "infamous"  people) is currently cirruclating aroung my school I shall post a very interesting peice dedicated to a certian boy who was obbsessed.. Enjoy^^

Question of the day: What does it mean when, after, you confess your undying love to a girl, she obviously, explicitly tells you of  her despise for you, and how she does not, and will never love you. Embarrased you wait for, litterally, months before talking to her again, to built, atleast, a friendship. Still in love, you, accidently, start hitting on her. You become shocked at the results, you realize she's not made at you! Quite, the contrary! She's blushing. You marvel at the fact that she's actually smilling at your joke! She hides her eyes behind her beatiful fair hair. . . this seemigly bilssful moment is only cut short by her failure to answer your question.  You tell her that you're hounding for complements (something she's quite atraccted to.) To your dismay she only answer's with a "your drawing. . . I mean painting is nice. . . " this doesn't nessicarly fit the bill as a complement, just a causual answer. You know, deep in her heart, her body language shows it, that she loves you. A period later you are bombarded by  her friends yelling at you. "Get lost," they say, "She doesn't like you." You're only half hurt by this. . . until you see her shaking her head in agreement.
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I've been meaning to create a live journal for a very long time, but now It has been done *menical laugh* .  My current intrest is the slash world of Harry Potter.  This obsession most likely startted when I frist picked up the book in 1999,  and then in 2004 I discovered the wonderful world of slash.

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